New York Fashion Week

Since we launched The Trend Pear, we have had the opportunity to do, and experience some amazing things. We launched the blog out of our mutual obsession with the fashion industry, not knowing where, or if, it would ever lead to anything. This month we were invited to take part in New York Fashion Week, and being recognised on that level by the industry that we love and respect was the greatest feeling in the world. So thank you readers, because without you guys all this would not be happening. So, on to the fashion! 

Tommy Hilfiger:

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the biggest shows during NYFW, and the fact that they asked to dress us for their Front Row was absolutely incredible, and an experience that we will never forget. The sheer scale of the set blew our mind, it was gigantic and they built an actual boat on which to showcase their nautical themed collection. Gigi Hadid opened the show and from the moment she strutted out and around the deck, we knew this show was going to be a winner. The winter weather in New York may be subzero but the Tommy Girl is obviously heading towards a warmer climate, with silk sets, leather jackets and glittery bloomers being the only protection she needs from the environment. A couple of years ago Tommy may have been criticised for the fact that this was meant to be a Fall collection, but nowadays it makes total sense, this collection will be available in August, which will be summer for a large part of his consumer base. Also available in September will be the highly anticipated Gigi by Tommy Hilfiger range, a collection designed by the blonde bombshell herself. Tommy Hilfiger loves a theme, and as the show set sail (so to speak) we were offered variants on traditional 40’s sea wear, including tea dresses with anchor motifs, navy jackets with classic gold hardware and frilly socks paired with strappy heels. You could easily imagine these girls dancing under the stars with the local sailors, all swinging hips and mega watt smiles. This collection was a smash hit, with look after look prompting smiles from members of the audience, and not a bad audience at that, Lucky Blue Smith, Suki Waterhouse, and Olivia Palermo where just a few of the Tommy fans in attendance. We don't know the final destination of the T.H Atlantic, but wherever it is, we want to come!  


Buffalo Jeans X Kitten Brunch: 

If we learned one thing during New York Fashion Week is that Americans have a very different view on what brunch is. Here in the UK its avocados and orange juice, in the states its more vodka shots and dancing on tables. Not that we are complaining, the Buffalo Jeans team really know how to throw a party! There was mountains of delicious food and a seemingly endless supply of champagne! Buffalo Jeans have launched a new campaign called #partywithbuffalo , encouraging their customers to go out and have fun in their clothes, and then tagging them on social media. Its been a huge success, proving that Buffalo really is the brand to party in! 

Diane Von Furstenberg:

The DVF show is another highlight of the fashion week schedule, and it was an honour even to be invited, let alone also being dressed for the event! Diane herself is a true icon, a woman who helped pave the way for many of the influential female figures within the industry today. The amount of brands showing their collections during a season is growing year on year, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for brands, even big brands like DVF, to stand out from the crowd. So how do you guarantee maximum attention for your collection? Well if you are Von Furstenberg you invite several of the most photographed women in the world, with a combined social media following of over 100 million people, to dance around a room in your clothes. It was a smash hit, and the photos went viral. Kendall, Gigi, Karlie and co. made headlines for DVF worldwide, and they dominated Instagram feeds for hours! It really was a lot of fun. 

Marc Jacobs

Fashion as Art, or Fashion as theatre is unfortunately a concept that in recent years, seems to be dying out. That is not to say that the shows being put on are getting any smaller, just less extravagant. We live in a post Lee McQueen and Galliano for Dior world, the theatrics and the conceptual collections they put on are a thing of the past. Nowadays people want clothes that will last, and the Couture industry is a sadder place for it. That is why, every season, we rejoice at Marc Jacobs. His shows, and his collections just keep getting better and better, last seasons red carpet themed collection was our stand out offering from NYFW, and this seasons Gothic Gunk Princess show might just be our favourite of the entire season! For Fall 2016 Jacobs played around with proportion in the most innovative and exciting way, shrinking evening jackets into tiny embodied works of art, whilst blowing up leather jackets, sweatshirts and cuffs into oversized, also 2D like sculptures.. Oh and lets not even get started on the size of the platforms! As always with Marc Jacobs his collections contain repeats of previous seasons, similar enough to evoke feelings of nostalgia for seasons gone by, but fresh enough to become instantly covetable. The gothic glamour of this collection will appeal to anyone wanting to show off their dark side and if Wednesday Adams had ever been allowed to grow up, her entire wardrobe would have consisted of this collection!