London Collections Men: Day 1

Having a fashion week straight after Christmas may not seem like the wisest idea. Most people are still shaking off the last of the Christmas hangovers or trying to drag themselves back into the gym, but the powers that be have decreed that the mens Autumn/ Winter 2016 should start on the 8th of January. Harsh, but it does provide some excitement in an otherwise dull month. Yesterday we had the privilege of viewing some amazing collections, and here is a round up of our top picks from LCM: Day One. 

Harrys of London

Harrys of London is a heritage shoe brand (they have been around for about 100 years) and this season, for the first time, they have decided to launch a range of leather goods, however Harrys being Harrys, these are not just any ordinary leather accessories. The carry on bags not only look incredible but by folding outwards they allow you to pack a full suit, as well as your other belongings, without the suit getting creased. Pretty cool, the handles are also made with a cooling agent, which means no more sweaty palms when carrying luggage. Something we did not know we needed, but has now made our luggage look shoddy in comparison! Presented at The Ivy, Harrys of London showed a great range of highly covetable, totally wearable shoes and innovative, stylish, accessories for the everyday man. A really strong collection. 

Instagram: Harrys of London


You know it is going to be a great show when you are greeted at the door by David Gandy, fish and chips, and a beer! Not very 'fashion' but totally Barbour! Barbour is a very traditional British brand, who in recent years has been proving that not only does it make great raincoats, but also provides a very easy to wear, laid back look, that is perfect for someone who wants to look good, but is not exactly into "fashion". Simple separates were perfectly styled with just the right amount of edge to keep them exciting (think untucked shirts, and socks over trouser legs). Special mention goes to model Felix Gesnouin who made our day by pulling out a snack on the podium, much to the horror of the PR team all around him!

Instagram: Barbour


Cottweiler is undeniably one of London's most exciting new faces. Headed up by joint creative force Matt Dainty and Ben Cottrell their accessible, yet originally take of sports-luxe  has them making waves across the industry. Their presentation for this season was intense, the loud, repetitive music coupled with the bright lights shining directly above the models heads made for an arresting experience. That, coupled with the fact that the models we obviously very hot, and quite sweaty, did add to the toiling away in the fields image that the brand was going for. Arresting presentation a side the clothes themselves were beautifully styled with a clever blend of textures and fabrics. The contrast between the soft, natural wheat-sheaf, and the harsh man-made plastic made for an interesting contrast, this is definitely a brand to watch out for. 

Instagram: Cottweiler  


We now live in a post Alessandro Michele world. When Michele took over Gucci last year he shook the menswear industry to its core, and it has not really been the same since. This seasons offering from Gordon Richardson at Topman Design paid tribute to this shake-up, and the results are spectacular. With this collection Topman have hit at the heart of exactly what men now want to wear. Gone are slim fitting, hyper masculine clothes, in their place are oversized, relaxed pieces, all made up in sumptuous fabrics that call out to be touched. We love the oversized cuffs and the silk blouses poking out from underneath coats and jackets. A real stand out collection.  

Instagram: Topman