London Collections Men: Day 4

Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane is always one of the shows we are are most excited about seeing, we love his innovative ideas and his incredible attention to detailing. Since debuting the plastic clasp/clip during womenswear a few collections back, it has fast become a signature of his, and this season sees it holding up the most incredibly cut trousers, as well as adoring bags and shoes (the shoes are also becoming a Kane favourite). The collection was a clever combination of zig zag, scalextric-eaque patterns on relaxed, loose clothing. Kane is known for his prints, but this season it was the cut of the clothing that really struck us, by playing around with trouser and cuff length Kane and his team have created a collection full of interesting silhouettes and shapes. For us the 80's style trousers are a total winner. 

Instagram: Christopher Kane


With Ready To Wear collections there is usually a theme, or a 'story', an idea that unifies the entire collection and sets the tone for the rest of the season. Well, if there was a theme for this Burberry collection it would have to have been 'togetherness', and by that we mean it was a reflection of the decision announced by the brand last year to combine its three lines, Prosum, Brit and London into one line. This collection was a clear result of the merge, with very obvious elements of the three lines. There was the tailoring from the London line, the outdoor wear from the Brit line, and the higher end designs previously shown under the label Prosum. Another theme was coats, in all different shapes, styles and fabrics. There were bomber jackets, duffle coats, peacoats, military jackets, puffer jackets, and of course trenches. It was almost a homage to the coat, reminding us of all the styles Burberry has pioneered in its long history. We were particularly taken with the sparkly zip-up tracksuit top, and the suede loafers paired with ankle grazing jeans were simply gorgeous. 

Instagram: Burberry