London Collections Men: Day 3


J.W.Anderson's show was all about time, or lack there of apparently! The snail motifs adorning some of the looks we assume were therefore meant to be ironic because the fashion world moves at anything but a snails pace , and keeping up is proving to be difficult, or as we have witnessed recently with the whole hoard of creative directors stepping down from their posts, impossible. However, J.W Anderson does not seem to agree, he thrives on the pressure, they say "pressure makes diamonds" - and  if it was pressure that spurred on  this collection, they are certainly right. The collection was his best, and his (dare we say it) most wearable yet. The whole show was live streamed on Grindr (yes that Grindr) and there were elements of the underground sex scene often associated with the app, the perspex chokers and leather jackets on bare skin being the most obvious nods. Grindr aside the collection was full of relaxed fit silk sets, printed leather, oversized cuffs (trend alert!) and innovative dyed fur creations. A hero look for us was the caramel coat with bare legs and racing trainers, who wouldn't risk mild frost bite to look that cool!  

Instagram: J.W.Anderson

Alexander McQueen

In the past designers were quite limited with what they could do with menswear, sure there was the odd maverick, but usually they stuck to the traditional codes of male dressing, namely, shirts, ties and suits. In todays world menswear is the fastest growing market, and the male fashion industry is full of innovators constantly changing the way we feel about male dressing, and more importantly the customer expects more than just a boring suit and tie. So how does a house like McQueen, whose roots are firmly rooted in tailoring, all be it exquisite tailoring, keep up? Well the answer is, they don't. What we mean by this is not that McQueen is no longer relevant, far from it! What we mean is they simply do not need to compete with the J.W.Andersons and Siblings of the world. The collection was a delicate blend of  fabrics and textures, with a butterfly motif being the unifying element. McQueen continues to create beautiful, romantic clothing with the right amount of edge, that transcend trends and are coveted by gentleman world wide. 

Instagram: Alexander McQueen 


Love him or hate him you cannot deny that Jeremy Scott knows how to entertain. His sugar coated candy pop designs have won him legions of super fans across the world and made him one of the most talked about designers of the 21st Century. This season Scott collaborated with London legends Gilbert & George, pulling prints and ideas from their iconic archive, and mixing them in with his own specific brand of genius.  Shown with Pre- Fall womenswear, the collection has a definite 80's club kid feel to it, an aesthetic complemented by the thumbing soundtrack, and thanks to slicks of white detailing the collection had a bubble cartoon quality about it. The clothes were bold, fun and in your face, and will thrill the Moschino shopper. The shoes (reworked Dr Martins) added to the club feel, in fact the only aspect that didn't scream club kid was Lucky Blue Smith, who at a tender 17 years old, would not get past the bouncers! 

Instagram: Moschino



The Belstaff presentation was hosted in a warehouse in Waterloo, however once you passed the security and the bar, which was serving Bloody Mary's and an Ice Blue concoction (created in partnership with Zoolander 2 no less), we were instantly transported to the summit of the worlds tallest mountains. The set was exceptional, and was the perfect backdrop to an excellent collection of outdoor wear (calling them clothes does not quite seem to do them justice). Outdoor wear is not something we at The Trend Pear are that used to dealing with, we are not really the 'outdoorsie" type, however, if being outdoors means we get to wear thick shearling jackets with leather detailing, than sign us up! With the growing popularity of the great outdoors Belstaff really might have nailed it with this collection, practical no longer has to mean boring, and now you can channel your inner Bear Grylls without wrapping up like the michelin man! 

Instagram: Belstaff