London Collections Men: Day 2

Agi and Sam

Agi and Sam are fast becoming favourites of ours, and this seasons long sleeves had us pulling at our own to desperately try and elongate them. According to these two, the hand are over, and they are best hidden away from sight. Jokes aside this was a stand out collection, by playing around with sizes and hem lengths this duo have made ordinary wardrobe staples extraordinary and the muted military palette kept it totally wearable. Each look contained multiple pieces that will have us all reaching for our wallets when they eventually hit stores.

Instagram: Agi and Sam  



Coach just keeps going from strength to strength, with each collection being stronger than the one before. Huge cosy jackets and oversized shearling leathers are fast becoming a Coach signature, and this seasons offering did not disappoint. Reinvented this season in a snuggly teddy bear brown, we can see all these jackets being huge hits!  We always love to new ways of wearing leatherand according to Coach, you can now wear it under your suit! By including women in the show (including the incredible Binx Walton)  Coach are showing us exactly what the Coach world looks like, and its cool and comfortable, and definitely one we want to be a part of! 

Instagram: Coach



Maharisi is the anglicised spelling of the Sanskrit word for 'great', which could not be more fitting for the show we witnessed last night, because great it truly was.  There was a definite military theme to last nights show, the loud, thumping music adding to the drama created by the Maharisi army that stormed the runway. The warm greens, oranges and reds complimented the more classical camouflage that was on offer, creating a really strong colour palette. We love a diverse cast when it comes to fashion shows, and we don't just mean racially, the Maharisi army consisted of models from all different ethnic groups and ages, reminding us that fashion is for everyone, no matter how old you are or where you come from.   

Instagram: Maharisi

Casely Hayford

The Casely Hayford motto is 'innovation through tradition', meaning their clothes, although traditionally tailored always contain an element that makes them stand out from the crowd. The father and son design duo really shone this season, the blend of fabrics and textures made for a truly exciting collection. We like to see designers throw out the rule book, and this is something the Casely Hayfords excel out, why shouldn't you pair a black tie dinner jacket in a jewel blue brocade, with a grey tracksuit? It shouldn't work, but we are glad it does! 

Instagram: Casely-Hayford