Mixing it up

At the end of our last post we mentioned that the Fashion Cycle was in need of a bit of a shake up, and recently that shake up has come in the form of the mixed gender runway show. Chanel was the first big fashion house to present menswear during its seasonal womenswear shows, but the clothes were not meant to be sold, and were often just one off pieces, meant only to decorate Karl Lagerfeld's favourite male models. After Chanel, Burberry took to mixing in a couple of male looks into their womenswear showcases (and visa versa), and now Gucci, Prada and Moschino(amongst others) have all followed suit. Not only does this make the shows more visually interesting, it also makes complete sense for the customer. We do not live in separate universes to the opposite sex, we all exist together, wear clothes together, buy clothes together, why shouldn't the clothes be shown together? It also makes sense for the brand, by mixing in their Pre- collections with the menswear shows they are giving the clothes maximum exposure, it also allows them to push and cement their brand message for the season. The strongest fashion brands out there are the ones that have created the strongest brand message, an image that a customer can immediately identify as belonging to a certain brand. Ralph Lauren perfectly captures the essence of the American dream, Calvin Klein is synonymous with sexuality, Chanel epitomises quintessential Parisian Chic and Versace is seeped in Italian glamour. These brands have created worlds, worlds that their customers, both male and female, can, and do, buy into. 

Photos from the Burberry Prorsum Fall 2015-16 show