A Polished World

The Beauty industry has announced that for the first time ever sales of nail polish have exceeded those of lipstick. To be honest it is hardly surprising, like Starbucks there now seems to be a nail bar on every street, and like the coffee giant they offer a dizzying array of options to cater to even the most extreme of nail enthusiasts. A manicure is no longer a simple paint job, now there are top coats, shellac, gel nails, stick ons and nail art to name a few, and thats just the style of the nail itself! Previously the French Manicure was about as adventurous as it got decoration wise, but not anymore - 2014 saw women summing up entire films and stories in 10 chapter segments, with each nail featuring scenes and characters from popular culture. Chanel was early to the nail game launching, back in 1995, but other designers have recently began following suit, with Burberry, Marc Jacobs and Balmain launching their own ranges last year. Even the master of the red sole, Christian Louboutin has created his own, suitably extravagant, very expensive, version and more recently Victoria Beckham has come out with two highly covetable shades (Eleanor has both ha). Smaller designers have also jumped on the nail bandwagon (nailwagon?) with Henry Holland and Sophia Webster teaming up with Elegant Touch and Nail Rock respectively to create quirky stick ons for their customer. There is an economic theory (not words we ever use. ever. but bear with us) called the Lipstick Index which suggests that sales of cosmetics increase during periods of economic hardship, because women craving the latest Chanel bag, but who cant afford the £3000 price tag, will settle for the £30 lipstick. So by offering us nail polish, our favourite designers are allowing us to buy into their worlds for a fraction of the price!  Its also been suggested that the reason why people will always buy make up, no matter how little money they have, is because it makes them feel better. That may explain why after 9/11 sales of Estée Lauder products jumped 11%! So there is more to polish sales than meets the nail, its actual connected to a deep psychological craving to feel good about yourself.  Here are a couple of our favourite shades.