The Fashion Trainer

Over the last couple of years the “fashion trainer” has become an integral part of every wardrobe, previously used exclusively for sports and working out, the trainers of today are sometimes so special (not to mention expensive) that their owners would never dream of getting sweaty in them, let alone getting them dirty! Lily Allen thrust the trainer into the fashion spotlight by pairing hers with prom dresses, dividing opinion and grabbing headlines. Nike, Adidas and New Balance have been worn by young fashion conscious people for years and as with all young trends, they slowly trickle up into the fashion mainstream. Chanel raised eyebrows by pairing Haute Couture gowns with admittedly equally extravagant embellished trainers, and the next season trainers popped up in collections by Burberry and Dior. Menswear brands have also been experimenting with trainers in multiple different forms, with Bally pairing suits and furs with box fresh white footwear. The reason for the surge in demand for trainers is relatively simple, the are comfortable, they are accessible, and they go with everything. So it makes sense that well known brands are focusing on producing products for this market. Raf Simons and Pharrell Williams have collaborated with Adidas with exceptional results, and the Queen of extravagant footwear, Charlotte Olympia has produced a dazzling and covetable collection of trainers which The Trend Pear are currently lusting after. The fashion trainer is undeniably here to stay and here are a couple of our favourite pairs, just don't wear them to the gym!