A Moment With...

We love sharing aspects of our lives with you guys through The Trend Pear, but just in case you get bored of us, we thought it could be fun to share someone else's life with you as well! The idea behind our 'A Moment With..' section is that we will interview someone, once a month,  who is doing something interesting or special with their lives. We hope that you guys not only enjoy this new edition to the blog, but find the people we have chosen as inspiring as we do. 

First up we have Ludovic, or Ludo as he prefers to be called, who we had the pleasure of meeting last year. Ludovic is the Global Executive Director of LOUIS XIII Cognac, and his passion and dedication to the brand is incredibly inspiring and refreshing. 

Instagram: Ludovic du Plessis

The Trend Pear:  How did you come to be in this position? What has been your career path?

Ludovic du Plessis: I have always worked from passion, like you, if you want to be good at your job you have to be passionate. So me, what i like, is food, restaurants, wine, spirits and cigars. I was luckily enough that my first job after finishing university was to be in charge of marketing for Cuban Cigars. Which I did for three years. When I was there I organised a cigar tasting for my top clients with the best champagne company in the world, which my Grandfather told me, was Dom Perignon.  So I called them and they sent Richard Geoffroy, who gave a speech about Champagne. I feel in love with his charisma and decided then and there that i wanted to work for Dom Perignon. Two weeks later i was in charge of the French Market, and it was a love affair that lasted 10 years. LOUIS XIII then contacted me about being a Global Ambassador that the brand, and I fell in love with their story. The first thing I did at LOUIS XIII was to ask the cellar master to explain the brand to me, and he told me proudly that each decanter takes four generations of cellar masters to craft, and that he would never see the product he was working on. Having worked in the Luxury industry for 10 years, I don't know any other brand that can claim such a thing! 

TTP: You work with a very high end product. What is your idea of Luxury?

LDP: I think that nowadays we use the word Luxury too much, it gets used on every corner of the street! If we are talking about luxury goods it has to be, rare, its about scarcity, it has to be expensive, and it has to be very creative. It has to be a balance of the three. But for me, if you ask me, luxury is time. Time is everything, which is why this Not Coming Soon project is so special. Next time you come to Paris, tell me, and i will take you to the top of the Notre Dame Cathedral, where you can see the whole of Paris. Its amazing, and moments like that, that is Luxury. 

TTP:  Louis XIII is an incredibly time consuming product to make. In a world obsessed with instantaneity (the now now now generations who want fast cars, fast food, fast fashion, Instagram) have people found the concept of this movie and this product difficult to understand?

LDP: Not really, i think this brand really speaks to everyone. Everyone today is running after time, we have brand with slogans like “Never stop” and “Go Beyond” and for me it is the opposite. Take the time, go slow, and I think the concept of how long LOUIS XIII takes, appeals to everyone. Its not instant gratification, its delayed gratification, and you force people to use their imagination and not google. Our clients have been obsessed with this project, its really captured something special!

TTP:  Often high end Luxury brands want to associate themselves with the fashion industry, either through collaborations or ambassador positions. Why do you think luxury brands seek out this form of collaboration? 

LDP: When I was working for the Champagne brand we collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld on a campaign, but we did not use him as a designer, we used him as a photographer, because he is a very good photographer! Within the fashion industry there is a lot of creativity, and creativity is one of my three criteria for luxury, thats what I would say. 

TTP:  France, and French products have always been the height of fashion, and France is considered the epitome of style and class, why do you think that is?

LDP: You are too nice about Paris! You have to be careful, i don't know who said this but there is a funny saying “I have a headache from too many things be proud of as a French guy’ haha. I am only joking. From a cultural aspect it dates back to Louis XIV and Colbert, who created the art of creation, and they were the first people to recognise the art of fashion! 

TTP:  Finally, what do you think the people who drink a bottle of LOUIS XIII made today will be wearing when they open it, 100 years from now? 

LDP: Remember that the product does not stay sealed in a bottle for a 100 years, it is a process that is constantly being checked on and tweaked over the course of 4 generations! But yes, what will they be wearing? Excellent question, i would say that they will be wearing LOUIS XIII as a perfume! And i will tell you why. My friend, the supermodel Bar Rafaeli got married recently and she told me, “Ludo, this is a fragrance!” so yes, this is the first fragrance you can drink!